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Vol Craft is located 45 miles West of Nashville, Tennessee.  I got started in the fabrication business building steel boat docks in 2004, and over the years I have welded in the automotive, commercial transportation, residential, and commercial construction industries.  

I started this business to provide an avenue to express my creativity, while utilising the skills I've acquired through the years. While the majority of my work has been in metal fabrication, I also build tiny cabins and enjoy all things high performance both on and off road. 

 Real world experience across numerous disciplines, a passion for artistic representation of clients, and a dedication to safety and quality, allows Vol Craft to provide unparalleled works that add beauty and strength to your home, farm, business, industrial property, car, truck, or UTV. 

 We have been providing custom metal fabrication services all across America since 2015. My passion is making unique and functional pieces of art.  A handrail can just be a handrail, or the centerpiece of a room.  While our specialty is metal, we do not limit our self to a single material.  Variety can offer aesthetic beauty, and takes advantage of the unique characteristics different materials offer.  Allow us to build something that represents you, compliments the main structure, and functions the way only something custom designed personally for you can

What We Do



Residential work is where Vol Craft shines.  For most of us, our home is our biggest investment.  It is where we raise our family, entertain friends and loved ones, where we go to relax and recharge, and where we feel the safest and most comfortable.  At Vol Craft our goal is to provide custom built products that improve every one of these aspects in your home.  Starting with the exterior, we offer security fences and gates, that offer protection, beauty, and strength.  Moving inside to the property, we offer numerous exterior products.  A steel deck provides incredible strength and functionality, and when wrapped with handrails provides exceptional safety.  Water falls and water features for the backyard and swimming pool area add   Exterior and interior handrails can be merely strong and functional, or incredibly intricate works of art that will be a centerpiece in any space. Furniture built with a combination of wood and steel brings the warmth of wood and strength of steel to your home in a variety of architectural and historical styles. We also offer safe room access doors, for the ultimate in home protection from natural disasters or intruders.   Give us a call and we can work together to design something that is inspiring and functional, that will add strength and value to your home. 



Experience in commercial construction allows Vol Craft to get your project done on time and within code. Commercial projects need to be designed, constructed, and coated to handle the increased wear and tear of a high traffic area.  We also offer 3d drawings to insure the product we are building is ultimately what the customer wants.  Many companies are looking for more artistically functional structural designs that offer a more natural and inspiring interior space.  Let Vol Craft assist you in offering these options to your customers who are looking for something out of th box. 

Landscaping and Garden


Landscaping adds a natural feature to a house that helps incorporate it into its surroundings.  We create art that incorporates your style into the landscaping.  We can create lattice for vines and flowers to climb in a variety of shapes, wine bottle trees, rustic designs, and just about anything you can imagine.

Automotive / Off Road / ATV UTV


We offer a wide array of vehicle modifications.  Our work vehicle is an HHR converted to rear wheel drive with v8 power.  We build custom bumpers, rock sliders, light mounts, and roof racks for off road vehicles.  We also build bumpers and racks for Utv's and Atv's.  Trailer modifications to optimize your trailer space, add tie downs, and custom boxes protect your valuables from weather and thieves.  

Wall Hangings


While most of our work is functional, we also offer pieces for purely aesthetic purposes.  These pieces are each created for the customer, to incorporate their loves, interests, hobbies, family heritage, or periods of history that they are passionate about. We strive to create pieces that inspire conversation and bring people closer to each other.  

Tiny Cabins


I have lived in Tiny Cabins for 6 years, and it has taught me a lot about making a small space comfortable and efficient. You need to utilize every square inch of available space, while maintaining an open and spacious feeling.  The last thing you want is for your home to feel like a cage.  I use the knowledge I've acquired when designing and constructing tiny cabins.  I will work with you do design a cabin that is custom built from the ground up for you.  This lifestyle is environmentally and budget friendly.  Life is meant to be enjoyed, not merely survived. 

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